• Friendship Physical Education Outline 2019-2020


    Physical Education is a mandated class in middle school and in high school. Passing four years of high school physical education is necessary to graduate. This outline is to explain the grading and policies of FCS middle/high school physical education. This class should be fun and informative but it is up to the student as to what grade they earn each and every day!


    Grading Procedure

    60% - Participation-Student changes for PE, puts forth their best effort, and demonstrates knowledge, skills, team play, character, positive attitude and sportsmanship in class

    15%- Fitness Test- there will be 4 times we do the fitness test through the year. each time students will be graded upon their effort and growth from the previous test.

    15%- Unit Tests- at the end of most of the units there will be a unit test along with a mid term and final test
    5%- Character- This is based on how the student acted through out classes, in the hallways befroe and after class, in the locker room, and for substitutes
    3%- Other assignments- through out the year there will be homework assignments given that deal with the unit of focus at that time
    2%- Progress Reports- twice a quarter students will recieve a progress report on how they are doing. If this is signed and returned they will recieve credit


    Be Prepared

    1. Students will be in charge of providing their own PE clothing (shorts, shoes, T-shirt). If they would like a PE uniform they must request one, if they forget their clothing for that day a uniform is available but must be requested prior to the teacher getting to the gymnasium. 
    2. Proper footwear. Shoes that tie and that are tied in such a way that they remain on his/her feet throughout class. Failure to do so is a safety risk and will be considered unprepared for class.
    3. Any jewelry that could be a safety risk must be removed. Earrings must be studs or small hoops. Any facial piercing that is not a stud must be covered or taken out. Rings and necklaces are not to be worn during class.
    4. No gum.  
    5. No swearing or profane language. Use of such language will be considered unsportsmanlike and be reflected in the Champion of Character grade.

    Student Needs

    1. Locks to lock up clothing/personal items in gym lockers during class.(can purchase for 4$ and if returned the 4$ will be reimbursed)
    2. Personal hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, towel for shower, which are available after each Physical Education class.          

    Medical Excuses

    1.      A student that has a note from a doctor stating that they cannot participate in physical education class must still earn their grade in the class. In order to earn a grade the student must do one of the following:

    a.      Walk during the class period with doctor’s note giving permission.

    b.      Participate in an activity that we are doing in class with doctor’s note giving permission (Usually during units that have low stress activities).

    c.       If no activity is allowed by the doctor the student will have to do assignments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis assigned by the teacher.
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