Friendship Central School is committed to a healthy, disciplined, and productive environment where students and adults are meaningfully engaged in learning.

    Our facility will:

    • Represent a clean, safe and orderly environment
    • Have a decor reflecting a sense of pride

    Our total community of learners will be:

    • Supportive of each other
    • Excellent communicators
    • Collegial collaborators
    • Active problem solvers
    • Visionaries
    • Innovators
    • Creators

    Students will:

    • Have interactive learning
    • Be taught to communicate effectively through mastery of problem-solving, critical thinking, life management, and communication skills
    • Be taught skills that enable them to function fully in the technological society and global community
    • Gain recognition of self-worth and individual differences
    • Be given the opportunity to grow academically, emotionally, socially, physically, and culturally
    • Feel empowered to reach their potential

    The school will promote positive relationships with parents through:

    • Parental partnerships
    • Active community involvement with events and activities to foster and encourage participation of all of the Friendship community

    Friendship Central School will be a place in which individuals promote respect and pride for the school, peers, and the community, and where individuals model positive competitive actions.