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    The biggest change is grading is now 75% following the small steps in the artistic process 



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    Welcome to the artroom.  Sketchbooks were provided this year to help students organize by keeping all their work in one spot.  All work is to be uploaded to Artsonia to be graded.  Grading is 75%projects and 25% time management. Lesson plans are customized for each class and have some degree of choice of studio materials they may use (TAB structure).


     Artsonia is an on line art gallery that keeps your child's artwork until graduation.  Its a great way to share artwork with family far away. Have everyone join your son or daughters fan club which basically subscribes them for updates when new art is posted and allows them to submit comments (pending parent approval)   Order gifts for holidays with your childs artwork on it.  A small percentage comes back to the art room to add some fun supplies into our program.  We will be using this site to create an online portfolio.  Their artist statements document their learning and explain the creative process and intentions of their artwork.  In return students get a secure typed teacher feedback on assignments that help them advance in art. 
    Artsonia uploading  is required on all assignments for grading, think of it as my Inbox! 


    Visit  artsonia.com/class (or download the Artsonia App) and enter our school code YBRB-DBNP as well as their personal PIN#.  When photographing artwork use natural light,  hold the camera straight above the artwork placed on the floor.  Watch out for shadows being cast.  Use the on site photo adjustment and crop the photo so that only the project shows. Leave a reflection on your artwork using the prompts or discuss your art, give it a title that adds mystery for a total of 10pts each assignment.  Late points will be taken, and submissions are automatically dated.


    Log into Artsonia, see above. Make note of the assignments you have already uploaded. Next make note of all the assignment folders.  They should correspond.  This is the easiest way to be sure you are on top of the assignments

       Resources - PINTEREST 

    I frequently create folders for specific art lessons and have helpful resource folders. Visit pinterest.com/wonderwelka.  
    Pinterest is a wonderful app to inspire creativity and allow students to fine tune their interests.  Unfortunately it is blocked at school.  I urge students to screen shot images they wish to access at school. Welka's Pinterest Site


    I hold all artwork until the end of the year.   Students may keep items in their sketckbooks until requested for art shows.  This allows them to organize and keep their art as a portfolio.  Digital upload to Artsonia.com allows me to keep digital record of their progress.
    Artsonia Gallery---All artwork is on display on Artsonia.com that your son/daughter produces and will be stored well after their graduation. It is their portfolio that documents all of their years progress. 
    St. Bonaventure MS / HS Juried Show ---During the winter select students will be chosen for the St. Bonaventure art show.  Winners and their family will be encouraged to join in on the formal art show opening.  The artwork will be on exhibit for around a week duration and be exhibited in on the mezzanine areas of the Regina Quick Arts Center in Allegany NY.  They have other exhibits that are worthy of a free visit as well  http://http://www.sbu.edu/about-sbu/sbu-campus-maps-directions/quick-center-for-the-arts/exhibitions
    FCS Art Show end of the year to coincide with Senior Presentations.  In the Gym Foyer for one week.
    Select artworks will be shown in the Allegany Co. Fair during the summer.