Welcome to Kindergarten!

    "We are SUPERHEROES! Learning is our SUPER POWER!" 
    Mrs. Weaver
    Mrs. Weaver

    Welcome to Mrs. Weaver's Friendship Central School kindergarten classroom!  Our FCS kindergartens are based on constructivist principles of developmentally appropriate practice. We implement many resources, research based programs, and we constantly collaborate with other professionals to create a successful classroom. 
         Here at FCS we believe that education is a group effort.  I work hand in hand with the other kindergarten teacher, to align our curriculums to ensure that every kindergarten student is the best prepared for whatever endeavor crosses their paths.  
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      Doing my best to keep all involved informed, I am in constant communication with parents, other educators and service providers.    All activities, important announcements, and field trips will be on a monthly calendar that goes home in the beginning of each month. Please put the calendar in a safe spot so you can refer back to it and stay up-dated on your child's monthly activities. If you have any questions about our program please click on the other links or drop us an email! 

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    Supply List

    "We are SUPERHEROES! Learning is our SUPER POWER!"




    Classroom Supplies
    As your child enters the classroom, we ask that you provide them with the following items to make our education experience the most successful as possible.

    Items to share with the classroom:

                  3 boxes of tissues        

                  1 package of zip lock bags (any size)

                       2 packages of bullet tip dry erase markers

    Personal items (please label with your child's name):

                    Water bottle

              2 plastic pocket folder

              Backpack (full size; no pull behind)

              2 packages of markers (washable broad line with bullet tips)

              2 boxes of crayons

            Pencil box (to keep markers and crayons in) 


    Contact Information
          If you have any questions or concerns please direct your questions to Mrs. Weaver by phone (585-973-3311) or e-mail me at lweaver followed by @friend.wnyric.org