• Welcome back for another great school year at FCS!  It is hard to imagine that after starting school as a kindergarten student over 40 years ago, I still get nervous on the first day of school.  The building looks spectacular, classrooms are ready, and the bustling of kids is music to our ears.  Enthusiasm resonates throughout our school building.  Thank you to our staff students, and parents, for a great start of the school year.

    This year you will notice many changes in our school cafeteria.  There are minimal increases on all food items to cover the ever increasing cost of food.  In addition, the cafeteria is experiencing major changes with the new federal guidelines.   The changes will affect close to all of the food that it is served, which will menu a “healthier lunch” for our kids.   Food items will change periodically as we experiment and find healthy choices that pass the taste test of our kids.  We ask for your patience as we work through this mandate in order to find what works best for our kids!

    We hope you will embrace the vision of FCS; “Every child, Every Chance, Every Day.”  Please take time to communicate with your child about his/her school day.  There will be many opportunities for you to participate in a activities here at FCS.  We hope you will join us throughout the school year.

    If you have questions throughout the school year please call 585-973-3534 

    We look forward to a great school year.