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    Social Studies 7,8, & 11

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    Course Goal:


    I would hope that when you walk away from OUR class that it was a positive experience for you. I only ask that you give me your best, as I will give you mine. Only you can decide what your best is, however hold in mind that I will demand a very high standard from you along the way.


    Life Goal:

    What do you want to be doing in two, ten or twenty years? You create your own goals and you must strive to achieve those goals. For some of you it may just to survive Social Studies, others it will be to graduate High School, yet others may want to attend college, or to join the armed forces. You must consider where each of your choices will lead you over the next twenty years.


    Just remember I am only one guide on your journey through school. It can be a pleasant or very unpleasant trip ......that will be for you to decide.

    If there are any questions, I am available at the school from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM, 12:30  to 1:20 PM and after 3:10 PM or call me at 973-3311 EXT. 3308. If you would like me to return a call during the school day please reach me at the above number and I will try to return you call.