• Information about Ms. Preston and Speech Language Pathology. 

    I received my undergraduate bachelors degree in communication disorders as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped in 1994.  I then worked for BOCES for four years at a few schools in Allegany County.  I went back to Fredonia State to receive my Master's of Science in Speech Language Pathology.  I did an internship at Children's Hospital of Buffalo working with various patients (cleft palate, autism, fluency etc...).  I then received my License in Speech Language Pathology and began working at Friendship Central School.
    Speech Language Pathology consists of many different areas for intervention and/or therapy.
    Articulation therapy:  focuses on sound and sound production in isolation, syllables, words, sentences, and conversational speech.  Oral motor exercises are sometimes used to teach tongue/lip strength and mobility to improve production of sounds.
    Phonological therapy:  focuses on patterns of speech.  For example, children may have difficulty producing all final consonants in words or substituting front sounds (t, d) for back sounds (k, g).
    Language therapy:  focuses on receptive language (ability to comprehend language) and expressive language (expressing or production of messages).  There are many components to language therapy.  Semantics involves the meaning of words using meaningful sentences.  Morphology involves the structure of words or the grammar part of the sentence (plurals, past tense).  Syntax is the word order of the sentence.  Pragmatics is the social language (eye contact, turn-taking etc...).
    Auditory Processing/Memory:  Does not focus on the child's hearing but what the child is able to do with what he/she is hearing:  following multiple directions, blocking out background noise, memory tasks such as repeating words, sentences, or directions, discriminating words and sounds, 
    Fluency (Stuttering):  focuses on the repetitions of sounds, syllables, or whole words, prolongations of words, and inappropriate rate of speech.