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  • Student Registration

     Michelle Greene

    Guidance Secretary


    If you need to register your child/children to attend:  Please contact our Guidance Office at 585-973-8873 to make an appointment.  Student(s) should come with parent/guardian and please bring copies of each child’s most recent report card, if possible.  If any student(s) is/are classified, bringing a copy of the current IEP or 504 Plan would be very helpful as well.  Please bring all of the following information, for each child, with you for registration.  You must bring in the original documents (or certified copies) listed below and we will make the photocopies; DO NOT bring in photocopies as we need to see the originals: 

    • Certified copy of child's birth certificate
    • Current immunization record signed by doctor or health department employee (signed by health care provider/or authorized staff from their office; or faxed by provider’s office)
    • Any court orders (most recent) pertaining to custody or adoption, if applicable
    • Social security card
    • Telephone and fax numbers for the school your child(ren) last attended
    • Proof of Residency (within the Friendship School District)

     Which includes any two of the following: 

    • Automobile and/or home insurance policy
    • Automobile registration (driver’s license is not accepted)
    • Bank account and/or credit union statement
    • Rental/Lease Agreement signed by Landlord*
    • Notarized Statement of Residency if living with a family member*
    • Paycheck Stub
    • Utility bill (electric, phone, cable, etc.)

      Note:  All bills/statements must be no older than the previous month.

    *These options will only be accepted if you have lived in Friendship for less than 2 months.

    Property tax bills are not accepted.

    There will be a few forms you will need to complete as well.

     If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.