• Monthly Art Projects




    Kindergarten- Folding paper and cutting on the fold is the skill of this month.

    1st grade - Students will paint stars using red, white and blue paint... for Veteran's Day.  They will also learn that red and blue paint, when mixed, makes purple.
    2nd grade - Wind socks for Veteran's Day.....flying the colors of the USA
    3rd grade - Paintings in red, white and blue.
    4th & 5th grades - Are working with clay, to make "Pinch Pots"....following Artist Dave Poulin's "Artist in Residence" program at FCS.  The clay pots are being glazed and will be "fired in the kiln" for the second, and final time.  In between the pottery projects, students are workng on metal foil stars.  The "tin punch" method to create patriotic stars has been used.....proud to be an American....and PROUD of our veterans.