• Welcome To Mr. Hills Social Studies 6 Classroom


     Contact Information
    1. Mr. Hills
      1. Phone: 585-973-3311 ext. 3305  
      2. E-Mail: chills@friend.wnyric.org

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be prepared.
    2. Be respectful: If a teacher is speaking, or a peer is speaking, wait your turn. Respect others’ personal space. Work with groups or pairs assigned.
    3. Be punctual- work bell to bell.
    4. Cellphones kept in teacher-designated area.
    5. Adhere to the code of conduct.


    1. If you are absent, there is a bulletin board comprising of the materials you missed, homework due, and reminders of any items that were announced in class. 
    2. If you miss a homework assignment, it will be due one school day after you return.
      1. Ex: If you were absent on Monday and return Tuesday, the assignment must be handed on on Wednesday. 
    3. If you miss quizzes or tests you have 5 school days to make the item up.
    4. It is YOUR responsibility to remember to retrieve, complete, and submit this work. I will not remind you. If you do not get the work done, on time, the grade will become a zero. 

    Grading System and Policies:

    1. Grading System: 
      1. Classwork and Participation:  20%
      2. Homework:                              20%
      3. Test and Quizzes:                   60%
    2.  Homework Policy:
      1. Work that is handed in ontime, will have the opportunity to earn 100% credit. 
      2. Late Homework Policy:
        1. Work that is submitted the following day will have the opportunity to earn 70% credit. 
        2. Work will not be accepted if it is submitted more than one day late. 
    3. Missing Work Due to Absence:
      1. Assessment:
        1. You will have 1 week to make-up a missing assessment. 
      2. Work:
        1. You will have 1 day for each day you were absent to make up classwork and/or homework. 
    4. Quiz Policy:
      1. Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced. 
    5. Test Policy:
      1. Tests will always be announced ahead of schedule.