• Welcome To Mr. Hills Global History and Geography I (Global 9) Classroom


     Contact Information
    1. Mr. Hills
      1. Phone: 585-973-3311 ext. 3305  
      2. E-Mail: chills@friend.wnyric.org

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Arrive to class on time, prepared, and be seated by the time the bell rings. Four tardies will result in a referral.
    2. Do not talk when I, or a fellow student, is talking. 
    3. Cell Phone, I-Pods, and fidget spinners are not permitted in class. Consider this your warning. If an extenuating circumstance arises and your cell phone needs to be left on in class, you must see me before class begins and have the use of that cell phone approved.
    4. Respect the opinions of others, even if you do not agree. 
    5. The stated rules above and school rules are adhered to without question.


    1. If you are absent, there is a bulletin board comprising of the materials you missed, homework due, and reminders of any items that were announced in class. 
    2. If you miss a homework assignment, it will be due one school day after you return.
      1. Ex: If you were absent on Monday and return Tuesday, the assignment must be handed on on Wednesday. 
    3. If you miss quizzes or tests you have 5 school days to make the item up.
    4. It is YOUR responsibility to remember to retrieve, complete, and submit this work. I will not remind you. If you do not get the work done, on time, the grade will become a zero. 

    Grading System and Policies:

    1. Grading System: 
      1. Classwork and Participation:  10%
      2. Homework:                              50%
      3. Test and Quizzes:                   40%
    2.  Homework Policy:
      1. If your assignment is not turned in on time, you will lose 10 points per day that it is not turned in. If you turn in your assignment by 3:30 of the day the assignment is due, you will only lose 5 points. 
      2. If you do not have your homework completed on time, you will be required to fill out a "missing assignment" form. 
    3. Quiz Policy:
      1. Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced. You will have a weekly vocabulary quiz comprising primarily of regents style questions. This quiz will be cumulative. 
        1. Note: You will never have a quiz and test the same day. If you are scheduled to have a quiz the same day as a scheduled test, the quiz is canceled for that week. However, a quiz and test may still occur in the same week. For example: If a weekly quiz falls on Friday, and there was a test on Tuesday, the quiz will still take place. 
    4. Test Policy:
      1. Tests will mirror the Global Regents exam you will take in June of your sophomore year. Each exam will be comprised of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and a DBQ, Thematic or Enduring Issues Essay.